Starred Posts

A Rehabilitated “Creep” (The New Yorker – Culture Desk) The article proclaims this rendering of the song “rehabilitated”, and I kind of see their point. I’m on the fence though, it still seems a bit too earnest and somewhat overwrought…

GalaabenD – Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook (Selectism) Not sure I could pull off any of these looks, but looks cool and wearable by some, nevertheless.

McQ Autumn/Winter 2012 Looks (Selectism) Seems like some fun clothes. Probably way pricey – haven’t checked it yet

Lumina Weekender Oxfords (Well Spent) I’ll stalk them til they go on sale.

John Peel’s Record Collection – An In-Depth Look (Selectism) this guy was a legendary DJ and his “Peel Sections” are some of the best recordings by some artists out there (Cocteau Twin’s Peel Sections album come to mind, specially their rendering of “Hitherto”). They are posting his record collection in full and you can listen to some of the tracks. Right now only the “A”s are available.


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