Starred Posts

As the week passes I star posts from blogs I read, usually so I can research later. If they turn out to be promising, i.e. worth visiting/trying/buying, I can always blog more info under a new post

Notes From the Underground | Hunx and His Punx (NY Times – T magazine) They describe it as a cross between 50s rock and a CBGB concert with a tres-gay front man (I’m paraphrasing). I think it’s heavier on the 50s than on the punk, and if anything it has some of that 80s Violent Femmes folkyness, but enjoyable nevertheless.

Henrik Ekwall 様 (excellent male model) This blog focuses on male models in magazine editorials (largely for Japanese magazines) and runway work. It’s a reliable way to see what’s on the pages of the Japanese men’s fashion magazines. I had seen this editorial on my hardcopy of Popeye magazine and it’s styled a bit too young and trendy for me to pull off, but as usual with Japanese magazines I liked the unpretentiousness of the editorial.

Watch | California Carnivores – Plants with Appetites (Selectism) I want a carnivore plant now. Or a greenhouse full of them.

“A Guy’s Guide to Style” Book – Berlin Style (Selectism) I probably won’t buy this, but I may leaf through a copy if I find it at at bookstore. These books seem to assume a personal style and everything else revolves around emulating that style. I can’t believe they haven’t come up with a book that covers the elements of style and then lets you take it from there.

The Friday Find: Bench & Loom End of Season Sale (Well Spent) I checked it out. Nice stuff. All quite heritage-y. On sale, but still pricey.

The German Army Trainer – GATs – A Sneaker Icon (Put This On) I’m always for finding an iconic basic piece and sourcing it creatively – in this case tracking down German Army sneakers through and other sources.

Raf Simons to Take Over at Dior (NY Times) I usually don’t follow the comings and goings of designers that much, but this latest game of musical chairs was was interesting. He left Jil Sander and was hired by Dior, but apparently only for the couture and women’s ready to wear lines. So, now, the only menswear collection designed by Raf Simons is his own line. Meanwhile Jil Sander the designer ended her collaboration with Uniqlo (the +J line) and is going back to the Jil Sander label. Somehow I think the women’s ready to wear lines got the better side of the deal with all this change.


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