Starred posts


The Launch: Archival Clothing Roll Top (well spent): not the bag for me, but a great design nevertheless and I love the colors.


It’s Nice That Magazine for ASOS – Hawaiian Shirts (Selectism): there’s no way I can pull off any of these shirts. Not even while on vacation in the Caribbean. But I do like the prints, and it looks adorable on the model.

Tricker’s for Très Bien – Grain Leather Derby (Selectism): it has been decreed by my partner that, yes, I could possibly pull off these shoes. It has also been decreed that given the color of the soles it would look dated in about 3.25 months. I did the math and no, it wasn’t worth the £150 price tag.


Fred Perry – Cycling Blank Canvas Spring/Summer 2012 Range (Selectism): love the pattern and the shape of the shirt. That said, those back pockets look out of place if you try to wear these shirts casually, so they can only be pulled off while riding a bike – something I don’t do. Let’s just hope they issue a polo shirt with the same pattern.

Shopping Confidential: Where Writer Stephanie LaCava Finds Dollar Books in Midtown (racked ny): This is very dangerous for me to know; it could be where my whole next paycheck goes.

Hear Sigur Rós New track “Ekki Múkk” – New Album May 28 (Selectism): sensational news for all the fans of Icelandic alternative music out there. I already pre-ordered it on iTunes. The video is weirdly evocative of their music, something I’d never guessed could be done – kind of a slow moving dreamscape.


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